washer reconditioning


Main Bearings & Seals

When a machine needs new main bearings, we don't add grease or replace the "bad" bearings. We remove the tubs, bearing housing, and press new top-name bearings/seals into the trunnions. In some cases, trunnions are sent out or replaced if there is any sign of wear inside the housing. Drum shafts are polished and collars are replaced too. If wear is excessive, the shafts will be turned to spec or whole drums will be replaced. 


Motor Bearings

No, WD40 will not cure the notorious grind of bad motor bearings. Replacing the one that's easiest to get to is not an option either. When the bearings go, we remove the whole inner motor assembly and press on new bearings. We also inspect coils and remove dust. We want your machines to last!


Rust Prevention

In the laundry business, rust is an enemy. Not only does fresh paint look good on a rusty machine frame, it also protects against rotting. A leaky hose or clogged drain can cause water to collect below the tub in the frame. When there is no place for the water to go, rust becomes an issue. We do our best to find each section of rust, sand it out and cover it in a fresh coat of matching paint. This can protect and decrease the risk of rust spreading and destroying your machine.  


Door Gaskets

We can't stress the importance of new and non-leaking door gaskets. Any gasket that shows, mildew, mold or even the slighest drip of water will lead to much larger problems down the road. A door leak on every cycle can rot panels, frames and braces. Mold and mildew hiding in a gasket leads to foul smells and unclean clothes. Needless to say, they look great when they're new. 


Soap Lids

Have you even looked at the inside of the soap lids on your machines? Remember, customers expect their clothes to come out clean. This is your investment! All old rubber soap lids are tossed in the trash and new replacements are installed.


Deep Clean & Polish

In addition to testing and inspection, each machine is thoroughly cleaned. Soap trays, outer drums, frames, hoses etc. In addition, we polish exterior panels. Years of drips from water, soap and other chemicals can damage the stainless surfaces. We polish these out making your machines look years younger. 


Computer Repair

Excessive use can cause resistors or capacitors to blow, needless to say, any small splash of water can short out boards completely. These are the brains of the machines, so it's important that they function correctly. That's why we send out faulty computer boards to be rebuilt. Boards are then reinstalled and of course, backed by a warranty. 


Drain Valves

Like many other components, drain valves wear out too. Though you may not be able to see,  prior to total failure drains can leak for years. Small rubber gaskets inside the housing wear away, preventing valves from closing completely. Leaky drains waste time, water, and money. If any drain has the slightest leak, it is replaced. 


Finished Product

Washers in reconditioning are not limited to these repairs. Once completed, the washers look and run great. They are inspected and tested yet again to assure the customer will receive them problem free. These are investments. So we want our customers to have great machines and maximize profitability. 

Dryer Reconditioning


Drum-out lint removal

First and foremost, all panels, lint screens, computers and drums are removed. Dryers are dust machines,  we disassemble and remove all the lint that's packed away and out of sight. Whether it's in computer compartments, rear lint compartments or drum beater-bars, all the lint is removed. This extends life and prevents fires. 


Roller Replacement

Belts and rollers are constantly moving. Being rubber, they are prone to wear out. If you have had a belt wear out on a dryer, you know how expensive they are to fix. Not to worry, we replace these. In addition, rollers are replaced with OEM replacements. Aftermarket may be less expensive, but they will not last nearly as long as genuine OEM.


Panel Patch

Something as simple as a small nail can cut holes and slits in the side of your dryer. Not only are these a sharp safety hazard, they look terrible and let heat escape. We patch, sand and paint all sides. They look like new and allow your dryer to operate at maximum efficiency