Here's What We Do


Drum-Out Lint Removal

First and foremost, all panels, lint screens, computers and drums are removed. Dryers are dust machines,  we disassemble and remove all the lint that's packed away and out of sight. Whether it's in computer compartments, rear lint compartments or drum beater-bars, all the lint is removed. This extends life and prevents fires. 


Roller & Belt Replacement

Belts and rollers are constantly moving. Being rubber, they are prone to wear out. If you have had a belt wear out on a dryer, you know how expensive they are to fix. Not to worry, we replace these. In addition, rollers are replaced with OEM replacements. Aftermarket may be less expensive, but they will not last nearly as long as genuine OEM. 


Panel Patch

Something as simple as a small nail can cut holes and slits in the side of your dryer. Not only are these a sharp safety hazard, they look terrible and let heat escape. We patch, sand and paint all sides. They look like new and allow your dryer to operate at maximum efficiency